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Dear everyone:

I know I haven't written y'all plus the Oiler hater....we all have our weaknesses, I suppose... in a long time, and I apologize for that. There actually are reasons. I just had about three-quarters of a new blog entry completed, and was in the process of "Save As A Draft" as all little girls and boys should do before they go to bed and just after they say their prayers. Not only did that blog disappear somewhere, but I got a screen indicating 5 other of my recent blogs are going to be deleted for some reason beyond my current comprehension.!

I had two ideas to implement that I was in the process of making in order to change up my blog a bit. I'm tired of being Mr. Nice Guy ALL the time... LOL.

Like I said "PISS ON THIS!!!.

Love Rick


Oww. Ouch.
I know a kick in the butt when I feel one:)
I am never an Oiler hater.
I had to send you that joke. If I don't laugh at our last 10 losses I will CRY!!!!!!!
I am an Oiler fan,forevah!!

That is some weird shit going on with blogger there.
I have never had anything like that happen.
If I can be of assistance just let me know.
(Not that a know much of anything!)lol
((((hugs)))) to you Ricky poo!
And a big :P to Blogger!

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