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It's Coming.....Honest, I'm Really Trying!

My dear readers (however many there are left!!):

No quotes today, folks. Just a quickie note.

I am trying to write what I think is a very important blog (to me, anyway) and I'm trying to choose my words very carefully so you, the reader, will not be confused by the point(s) I'm trying to make.

I've written about a dozen drafts already, and think I'm finally getting close to what I'm wanting to say and share! I'll tell you this much, it's very personal....and it hurts.

I haven't forgotten you, I haven't lost interest, I haven't dropped out, nothing's happened to me.

If you have the patience, please just bear with me hopefully only a few days longer.

Thanks so much for your caring, love and understanding.

Cheers, peace and pass it along.



Hang in there Rick, we are still here and we still love you!

You know I am always around.

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