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Thoughts Of A Manic Mind....Part 5

"Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.” - Plato

Perhaps no person can be a poet, or can even enjoy poetry, without a certain unsoundness of mind.” - Thomas Babbington Macauley

The essence of poetry is will and passion.” - William Hazlitt

Well, what are y'all doing with all that leftover pumpkin. A challenge here to see who can be the most creative with their "disposal" techniques).

[NOTE: This carries on from the previous post.]

[The following was written on Dec. 22, 2004...just 3 days before I entered the hospital for my third and (hopefully!) final visit]


Try your hand at poetry:


Inside my head, I gaze with my eye,
Not knowing if I'm using body or mind.
My body has outward eyes looking out for me,
from me

But what do they see?

My mind has inward eyes, my mind's eye,
Looking in at me, to me.

But do I have the insight to interpret
what I see out?

Outside my head, I gaze back at myself
through images from my head,
from a mirror,
from others?

Where am I? Inside out? or outside in?

Who am I? Their reflection of me?
or my creation of my imagined self.

Or my own creation?

[You can judge if it's "poetry" or not. At the time, at least, I thought and sure felt that it was! But in either case, I think it delivered the message I wanted to get across to us". (It was one half of brain "talking" to the other half during the writing of this.]

Has there ever been a conversation with God that there hasn't been before?

I wonder if people who pray to God to answer their prayers ever stop long enough to listen and see if maybe God is praying back at them to answer his prayers?

How would you be able to tell?
Without pretending you spoke with the voice of God?

How would you even be able to recognize his Voice in the first place?

Why, when "crazy" people claim they're talking to God, nobody ever eavesdrops...just in case. What if they're not crazy?

Can "NOT-CRAZY" people have crazy thoughts and act crazy without being crazy?

If so, where do you draw the line between crazy and not-crazy; and why should my line have to be the same as your line?

And why should either of us care?

Tolerance vs. Understanding

I wouldn't expect a heterosexual human body to be able to understand what it's like to be ensconced in a gay body, but I ask for tolerance. After all, I don't understand what it's like to be in a heterosexual body, but I'm willing to tolerate you.


These kinds of things are fun to befuddle about!
(I like the wording).

fricking. One of those words that has it's own melody --- like 'gargle'.


Black is the absence of all colour (white is composite of all colours).

Is it possible to conceive of a concept that represents the absence of absolutely everything that could conceivably or inconceivably be connected to it?

If so, does the mere knowledge of exisence of such a concept negate the concept itself, since there is not another anything that needs it. Ever.

Have I just conceived (created?) such a concept by thinking about it?

Does it now contradict itself?


A story of threat of trust.

The teacher first answered, "It's a given. It doesn't get questioned (religion, faith, belief, principle). Whaddya think?" He started anticipating.

"Your turn," he said, expecting of course that he would hear the same question he had just anticipated in his mind that his student would utter. He had put himself in his student's mocassins and tried to anticipate what his perfect student would answer.

Quickly, I went through how I would illustrate that I had heard the lesson, so I could match his response to mine, so that if they're different I could ask him to explain why.

He got it wrong, so that I could learn from him.

And as I brought my attention back to his answer, and quickly realizing how well he had done, I acknowledged his wisdom and said "Thank you! Well Done!"

...when I realized that he had said nothing. Then I added:

"Your turn, Andre."

And he smiled and he said, "I'm glad you understand my lesson, master. Now, let me continue because this time I have something to say."

And we continued into the evening, student teaching teacher teaching student.

That's how it should be.

[As I wrote this last one, I was developing a plan for how the perfect school system would operate. I find it interesting that halfway through I switch to using "I", and drop out of the third person "he" story. I remember also as I wrote this of wanting to include a demonstration of the perfect teacher who would be employed at this school.]



That is sheer poetry in motion!
And I'm baking pumpkin seeds as we speak.
Write on!

Oooh! I've got one!

What if someone who truly was crazy, asked God to take away the craziness... and the prayer was answered, so she thanked God!

Would she still be crazy?

Our punkins are just sitting there on the porch all wilted and icky looking. I suppose I should throw them out since they aren't any good for pies anymore....

I apologize! I continue to have some mega problems with my computer, and didn't receive these 3 comments until today....and even then, they appeared in the middle of my blog! Go figger!

Matty: I blush! It's a good thing we have something called "free verse", eh?!

Red: An intriguing conundrum. I'l have to think about that one a bit!

KSHIPPYCHIC: I'll bet you're getting some great pics of wilted and icky looking pumpkins, though, right?

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