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Thoughts Of a Manic Mind ... Part 3

[From now on, I'll include any editorial or explanation comments of mine now in square brackets and italicized. Everything else was part of the "paper dialogues"

NOTE: This entry continues from the previous one.]

[The following page is the last thing I wrote, at about 4 A.M. as I was waiting for my friend to come and take me to the hospital. This was during/after my first major manic attack, and I had no idea what was happening, and was, quite frankly, scared out of my wits!]

Multiple Versions Multiple Times

T., if I said right before I left tonight/last night something like "I'm crazy"
Please tell them when they ask.

This note confirms I'm still here.

Find me too. I have something important to say.

Think of the jigsaw metaphor, doctor. I was told to give you that clue but I don't know by who and I don't know why. Same reason your name came up randomly.

The order of the universe is in its randomness.

I'm going over to the doctor's office now (4:45 AM) before we lose us completely.


(note: this was written Easter morning, Apr. 21, 2003)

[These were just written on loose papers.]

"Life is a game of pattern and chance."
Learn the rhythms.

There is a rhythm to the universe. When we are able to get quiet enough, we experience how we are a part of that perfect rhythm."


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