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What Goes Around......

I'm a big believer in karma. What goes around comes around. If you don't treat people right, things come back to bite you.” - Mike Cameron

I think is was Sir Isaac Newton, wasn't it, who said "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but merely converted from one form to another." Well, as so often has happened as our society matures and discovers more about itself, we slowly prove the "old" scientists didn't have it right after all. But they did steer us in the right direction to continuously look for more refined answers. Newton was wrong on this one, though.

If you have read my last couple blog entries, as well as the delightfully sublime blog of "Nichevo" ( a gay site, now listed in my side bar, and highly recommended), I can't help but be convinced that energy can be created in infinite amounts, from pretty much nothing of anything. A smile, a kind word, a quarter for the bum asking for a handout for his next bottle of hooch. Truly, it only takes "a nothing". I hope that most of you have had the joy in some form or another at some time in your life to experience the most uplifting love and feedback that I have received recently when I needed it the most. It hasn't gone unnoticed, in spite of it seldom being acknowledged. Let me take care of that oversight now.

Thank you more than mere English words can express for the kindnesses and love that have dripped out of the comments you have left me over the last little while, both from "the regulars" as well as from complete strangers.

I guess that's the secret to this whole thing isn't it? We're all strangers to each other unless we choose for it to be otherwise. It's our choice. The cool thing is, WE HAVE THE CHOICE!

That, I hope, will be my New Year's Resolution. Just that. To keep choosing.

Love and Peace


Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my post...I truly appreciate it...and I'm very glad you don't find me a pest.
And I will use the email you sent me...and try not to abuse it...haha.
I did check out Nichevo's post...although its not my cup of tea..he does have a flair..doesn't he? And I did check out his archives as well...very well done...I can see why he gets so many hits a day!
Karma rules....I make it a habit only to hand out good...little do I want or need pay-back.
Rick, I truly hope that this year will be the year that you direct your energy & compassion to getting what 'you' want out of life. Pleasing others is great...but it starts with Numero Uno. If you can't make you happy...then...
Peace & happiness my friend.

I think I like that the new year brings a fresh start! I am hoping all of us have the best one yet. :)

Once again thank you for your kind words, I always think of karma sorta like the love you get is equal to the love you give. You give a lot of love, let's hope you continue to get a lot too!

Happy New Year!

Matty: As usual, I enjoy your insights and perspective on matters. You are such a positive force to all those you touch, including me. Thanks.

I fully understand why those pics aren't "your cup o' tea", but you can't say I didn't warn you!

The irony of your last statement (or perhaps what confuses me) is that I believe I'm the "happiest" when I'm helping others, and often it's at my expense. So much for the Numero Uno theory, eh?

KSHIPPYCHIC: Couldn't agree more, but why limit it to just New Year's. Then you have to wait a whole year for the next one. Why not EVERY day? Yeah, yeah, I know...exhausting and boring after awhile.

UNCLE GERRY: I'm still blown away that you not only visit my site occasionally now, but you take the time to leave such uplifting messages. I have no idea what your background is, but I can tell that you'd be the kind of guy I would want to count among my friends if we knew each other. Thank you again, not only for your comments, but for referncing me so much in yours. Unfortunately, I don't have an accurate "hits" counter. I'm curious how many of your readers might have dropped in to see what you were talking about! I hope at least some did.

Gary: It's such a thrill to see you back again. It's been, what, over a year now? I hope things have been going well for you, and a goddy year back at ya! Take care, my friend.

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