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Thoughts From A Manic Mind --- Part 8

[For the short immediate future at least, I'm going to do a few more of these, then maybe get to the other topics. So, I'll be speaking out of 'both sides of my mouth/brain in this one.

What follows in this blog is just a collection of various thoughts I wrote down while in the hospital convinced that I had all the answers if I could only get someone to listen! ]


"The artist in every medium is simply the weaver of "what if's".


"A master teacher's job is to steer the learning of a master learner in order that the master teacher learns to teach the learner what he desires to learn, and not something the teacher wants him to know."


"Teach me how you learn by learning what I teach".


"The genius would say something that would clearly indicate that he could rationally distinguish between the reader's reality and his own, whereas the madman would say something clever like: "The genius would say something that would...."

....the genius wrote, grinning madly to himself.


"It was a hard book to follow at first, but once I got into it, it made a lot of sense."

"Then why didn't you start 'into it' in the first place?"

"Why didn't you start 'intuit' in the first place."

"It seems you did, once you got 'intuit'".


Why don't we have a bipolar Olympics? Then, you could run two events simultaneously in the same arena, and be done in half the time, and at half the expense, with twice the fun. What could be wrong with that?


"Let's all agree that Rick gets the first word, and we all know in advance that it will be 'tolerance'. "

....and that is why Rick got to flip the football at the Grey Cup mental Olympics along with his hero Terry Fox.

"I'm bipolar. I'm giving this circle of understanding back, in the hopes that it gives at least one 'normal, everyday' person a bit more insight into what they take for granted everyday. "


"If you can imagine it, shouldn't that be enough? Isn't learning all about imagination when you get right down to it?


I wonder if court cases would be fairer if the judge assigned the lawyer and Crown Counsel and gave them a short, fixed time to be ready to present in court. Our system right now is a joke. Trying anything new would be an improvement.


Last fall, when you were called as a witness to that store robbery, how could you possibly testify? First, they have you swear under oath that you will "tell the whole truth...". That gives you a major conundrum, doesn't it Rick? Your word, your oath are the only things of any value that you own. And you don't know "the whole truth". Only the kid in the accused box knows the whole truth, and he ain't talking much.


What is left over if you subtract IF from WHAT.

Who's on First?


I'm ALWAYS sending multiple, intertwined SIMULTANEOUS signals.





ONE will be my FACT, one my PROBABLE, one my POSSIBLE and one my OTHER. I'll either arrange them in that order or RANDOM, but you won't know which. You assign one of each to YOUR fact and so on. Are we compatible? Do we match? Do we belong in the same body?


My blogging goal should be to write a blog that is so contrary with itself that every word could be taken in at least two different ways depending on the context in which the reader puts it. Can you do it?


Fight your four most ________________ battles (fill in the blank yourself. It's your life, after all).


You know how they say "If you had a brain you'd be dangerous".

What if I had two brains (stored in the same physical receptacle in my head, of course). OK. Now What?



FEEL the sound of music, don't listen to it.


So glad to see you're back on-line. Does this mean your computer problems are over?
By the way I love that guy 'anon' he makes a lot of sense.
Yes I agree Rick gets the 1st word and the last.
You said: 'My blogging goal should be to write a blog that is so contrary with itself that every word could be taken in at least two different ways depending on the context in which the reader puts it. Can you do it?
Politicians do it all the time!

I think genius is just intelligence with imagination.

Have a great week!

Matty: Sadly, it doesn't mean they're over, but at least they're only sporadic now. Someday (soon, probably) I'm going to post a message I got with a 404-Not Found error. I oly got it once, but it was so priceless, I copied it out!

I agree that 'anon' was probably the wisest person who ever lived!

Touche on the politician observation!

Great week back at ya!

Cheers and Peace

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