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Truly, Truly Bizarre

......and I guess you could add onto that last quote, "and on the net".!!

A really short entry this time (well....sort of. That's up to you!)

I'll be changing my blog access to block anonymous commenters. If you have an hour or so, check out the comment that was added to one of my earlier blogs this evening. And here, I thought I was the cuckoo one!!

Here's the link:

ILied....I Have Crumbled.....I Hurt.

Skip over the blog, but you gotta at least skim through the comment. All I can say is BIZARRE!!!


Now that is weird.

Mackey: Weird is a good word too! I actually tried to read portions of it, just to see if I could make ANY sense from it at all. I don't think even if I was completely zonked out in a super-manic mode would I ever "get it". I hesitate to say this, but there is one theoretical exception. The thoughts about looking "from the other side" are very much in my "front conscious" thoughts when I'm out-of-control manic. Some of those are kinda included in the comment (I think!)

Makes me kinda wonder if I was sleepwalking last night, and went nutsoid! Whaddya figger?

I also have another theory, tied into the issues of a month or so ago. I owe you an apology on that one. Your character judgement was bang on right all along, and I was too pollyanna to hear what you were saying. There has been an exchange of emails since that whole thing "went public", and, as with all the others, they are simply clearly and documented lies. I guess maybe it's because of who I am, but I can't help but feel disappointment, forgiveness, sorry and pity. I don't feel anger, or hatred, or shame. Just sad. I really hope there comes a turning point where this behaviour is recognized and changed. Until then, bless him.

We are all different, aren't we?



I received one like that not too long ago...don't think its a person.
My son told me what to do...he said to take a sentence from the comment with " quotation marks around it and enter it into google and you will find the source.
And it worked.
Good luck to you....that's why so many bloggers have a code you have to enter before commenting...I'm thinking of doing the same. Let me know how that works out.

Wow... that wasn't a comment, it was more like a manifesto... :)

I'm sorry I haven't left any comments of my own lately -- it's not because I haven't cared about you and what you've been dealing with (I certainly DO care about you), it's more been a lack of words to say. Sometimes it seems like there ARE no words...

I've always been a very good LISTENER, but not always the best talker -- which is probably why I like to write so much. Because it's kind of like "talking" without actually "talking." :) But in this case, even my writing failed to produce words. Just know that there are MANY people who care about you, and I know we're all very glad to see you're still here. :)

By the way, love the new profile picture! Where was that taken? Maybe somewhere in the American southwest?

Matty: I was afraid I had some kind of malicious bug with a warped sense of humour lurking somewhere in my machine! Perverse as this sounds, I'm kinda glad it has happened to others too! You said looking up a quote on google told you the source, but.....what did you do about it, if anything?

Hope Mr. T. is still hanging in there as best he can. With you by his side, how can he not?!!

Lisa: Thank you so kindly for the comment. I understand the incredible difficulty it is for the vast majority of people to even consider the concept, let alone be able to express thoughts about it.....they seem so obvious when I'm "normal" to me too. The imperfection that I've been given to deal with is this illness and all that accompanies it. Sadly, that is too frequently a result. Fortunately, I wasn't alone (and I hope you included yourself in "one of the special ones", because you certainly are. Sometimes, words aren't necesary. I don't know if you read or recall my story of the "Lady on the Train." All she did was listen too. That's all I needed.

Let me put this in a peculiar way, to get across my message. "I heard you listening, and it helped. Thank you."

I have to be honest and tell you that I haven't been checking into yours (or too many) blogs of late....I'll leave it to you to figure out why! (smile!).

So, have you moved yet, and did it go OK? (I know......go back and read the blogs!!).

Thanks for the comment on the pic (are you not a Donald Duck fan?) It was taken a couple years ago by a friend when I visiting down in Palm Springs in California. Cactus is such an unusual plant for me to see so much of, so I picked this one because of that. Too darned hot for me to live there year-round though.

Cheers All


Cori: I'd rather call myself "inattentive" than "dumb", if that's okay with you! You're already in my sidebar. DUH!!

GOOD GRIEF!! THAT was completely insane! Some people have WAY too much time on their hands! :O

I see that you read my (somewhat confusing) blog about my move. :) Yes, I HAVE moved, but no, not to Chicago. To make a really, really long story as short as possible -- before the Chicago opportunities popped up, we had started building a new house in our neighborhood -- it's only about a half a mile from our old house. When we thought we'd be moving to Chicago, we told the house-builders that we wouldn't be buying the house. And then (because of the horrible housing market) they lowered the price of the house a LOT to try to sell it quickly. The Chicago opportunity then fell through, and since no one had bought the new (much cheaper) house, we jumped on it.

So that's the story in a nutshell. Still in Austin, but in a new house. Hope that made sense. (It hasn't made much sense to ME lately... :))

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